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The Guidelines

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Road Safety Audit

8.1 Summary

There is no exhaustive checklist for taking responsible account of PTWs in Road Safety Audit  (“RSA”) work. Nor does anyone expect a Road Safety Auditor to undertake motorcycle training in order to understand the needs of riders. Gaining a better understanding of the safety problems likely to face motorcyclists must, however, involve awareness of:

  • the common characteristics of motorcycle collisions;
  • the more severe implications for riders of hazards that affect all road users;
  • the road dynamics of motorcycles and the safety implications of their relationship to road surface properties, street furniture and obstructions;
  • the different problems faced by riders in urban and rural environments;
  • the need to inform RSA practice through discussions with local motorcycle forums or internal discussions with colleagues who ride; and
  • the benefits of a rider’s advice for the audit team on larger schemes.