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The Guidelines

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Road Maintenance

7.8.1 Sponsorship Opportunities

For local campaigns there are various avenues for seeking sponsorship – if not in direct financial terms then in useful support for promotional activities. People involved in selling or promoting motorcycling interests, both on and off road, frequently give enthusiastic support.

This is also true of the proprietors of motorcycle gathering points, including race circuits or public venues. Insurance companies are in a business area with a common interest in rider safety and may be able to support well designed campaigns. Co-ordination of this support will allow the message to be put directly to the target audience at their normal gathering points, at little or no cost to the local authority.

7.8.2 Resource Pooling

If a regional approach is to be followed then the pooling of local authority human and financial resources is desirable.

Various LARSOA regional groups, as well as smaller groupings of neighbouring authorities, have successfully co-operated. Again, as at a local level, partnerships with local commercial interests can be helpful. Safety camera partnerships may be able to supply financial and human resources in co-operative endeavours.