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Road Safety Campaigns

4.1 Summary

A well designed, targeted and researched road safety campaign comprising the appropriate elements of education awareness, training and publicity and that deals with both attitudinal and behavioural factors leading to collisions is vital. Remember the following important points:

  • Expertise and experience in launching effective campaigns is available. Check with Road Safety GB and regional road safety groups prior to designing and implementing an in-house campaign.
  • Ensure that all campaigns are evidence-based and targeted, rather than driven by out-dated stereotypes.
  • The budget for any road safety campaign that supports engineering measures should be built in to the scheme‚Äôs costs.
  • Liaison with neighbouring authorities may result in cost and resource benefits when a problem is experienced across boundaries.
  • A regional campaign brings benefits of scale and is recommended when there is a generic problem in the region, allowing remedial measures to be offered in the home area of high-risk riders.
  • Every opportunity should be taken to include vulnerable road users in any educational or promotional campaign.
  • Sponsorship opportunities exist, especially from those associated with retail or leisure services, and provide excellent opportunities to present initiatives to riders at their own gathering places.
  • Ensure that all campaigns are monitored and evaluated.