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2.4 Government Initiatives

Over time the Government introduced, or has been involved in, a variety of measures to improve the safety record of motorcycles, including:

  • The Advisory Group on Motorcycling (which reported in August 2004);
  • Government’s National Motorcycling Strategy, published February 2005;
  • The DfT’s continued support for the “THINK!” campaign;
  • The Driving and Vehicles Standards Agency’s (DVSA) role in training and testing;
  • The Motorcycle Casualty Reduction Group ­led by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). ACPO went on to publish their Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy (2006); and
  • Sponsorship for the British Super Bike race series ­raising the profile of the Government’s “THINK!” campaign.

The Government has a role to play in recognising the importance of motorcycling to the UK economy and in supporting the inclusion of motorcycles as part of transport strategies that aim to create growth and reduce carbon emissions.