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New THINK campaign no laughing matter

World superbike rider Chaz Davies and comedian Alan Davies both feature in the latest THINK! campaign which encourages riders to undertake further training to improve their safety.

In the films, Chaz  and Alan are joined by eight regular riders completing a further training course that covers key principles of advanced riding, using a planned system of riding, positioning, speed and observation.

Chaz who despite racing bikes since 1995 only took his road test this summer, said: “You really are never too good to be a better rider – it’s as simple as that. I’ve been working for 15 years to try and be better on the track and that applies on the road as well.

“There are so many more variables on the road and I think people can get a little bit over confident, but you are never too good. You never know what’s around the corner.

“The training really got me thinking. The instructors pre-empted every situation that I spotted a couple of seconds later. It really showed me the importance of being one step ahead and reading the road.”

The campaign comprises a series of short films which will be released throughout September on the THINK BIKER Facebook page and on YouTube.

FirstBike magazine launched

A new magazine for young PTW riders has been launched. FirstBike magazine, produced by the publishers of the established FirstCar magazine for young drivers, is aimed at 16-25 year old non-enthusiast scooter, PTW and moped riders.

The 52 pages of A5 size content cover issues such as getting started with the CBT, choosing a bike, safety gear/PPE, maintenance, security and developing road skills.

James Evans, publisher, said: “We’ve been publishing a ‘two-wheel’ section within FirstCar magazine for several years, with lots of support from readers and the motorcycle industry.

“That’s why we decided it was worthy of being its own title, and have created FirstBike magazine.”

FirstBike is available now for road safety teams to purchase at 60p per copy. To order or for more information contact James Evans on 0845 130 8853.

Eurorap publish 2013 results

New EuroRAP Report measures and maps the risk of death and serious injury road uses face on the British network where the majority of lives are lost – on motorways and ‘A’ roads outside cities. It shows road travel is getting measurably safer, particularly because of improving vehicle safety But it highlights that Risk to road users is now 7 times greater on single carriageway A roads than motorways