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About the Guidelines

The Institute of Highway Engineers Motorcycling Guidelines were first published in 2005 with the aim to support the Governments Motorcycle Strategy and ‘mainstream’ motorcycles into core transport policy.

The Guidelines were the first such publication to set out practical guidance for policy makers, transportation professionals and users on providing a safer environment for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. Its individual chapters cover Policy; Road Design; Road Safety; Travel Plans; Parking; Maintenance and Road Safety Audit.

The IHE Guidelines have been citied as “best practice” both domestically and internationally and are a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award Winner.

The original Guidelines were made possible through the support of:

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This new web site updates the Guidelines and allows their viewing across a variety of multi media platforms and the IHE would like to acknowledge the support of the Motor Cycle Industry Association; Department for Transport and Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists; all the contributors to revising the text and the editorial work of Sarah Rennie of the The Wisdom Factory CIC.