Monthly Archives: December 2014

REALRIDER® crash detection App wins Prince Michael Road Safety Award

HRH Prince Michael presented the award to REALsafe® co-founders Zoe Farrington and Andrew Richardson for their work in developing the industry-first crash detection app REALRIDER®

As featured in the IHE Guidelines for Motorcycling the REALRIDER® safety app for motorcyclists detects if a rider has crashed and sends location and medical information directly to the NHS ambulance control room. The app has been piloted as a UK-wide initiative in partnership with the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, John Rowland, the Trust’s control room systems and resilience specialist, said: “REALRIDER® is a game-changing application – the first of its kind in the UK. “Its technology allows us to locate patients in potentially life-threatening situations with speed and accuracy, which is vitally important in saving lives.” Andrew Richardson said: “We are a little overwhelmed and extremely grateful to have been acknowledged at such an illustrious ceremony. “Having been recognised earlier this year for the success of REALsafe® Technologies as a business, this extremely important award underpins the very reason we took REALRIDER® to market – to save lives.”